We have had the pleasure of dealing with Jeff Whyte for over 30 years.It has been a great journey and a great story for both of us.In our opinion WSE is the best in the business and a family concern that ensures a long future. This team knows their business and have always been prepared to back it up with good solid service and advice.Wiz techs Juha and Russell head up a team that is first class in the install and service department and on many occasions have saved our operation from expensive down time and inconvienience, a really vital service for us regional operators. The success of our local business has certainly been enhanced by the service and continual support WSE has offered.For us, joining WSE has been like joining a big happy family,may it continue for many years.Richie,Di and Daniel Phillip Island Carpet Cleaning est 1987.
Richard Laing
Starting my own carpet cleaning business around 4 years ago, I was pointed in the direction of Whyte Specialised Equipment by a friend and have never looked back. Unable to afford new equipment, Jeff brokered a second hand setup for me that is still going strong today, and the boys in the workshop have been great in helping me keep the truckmount in good running order. I have found the range of Whyte chemicals to be as good if not better than any other products out there. Trying many others, including the new "fad' products from the U.S, the range at Whyte seem to be what I keep going back to. If you are a carpet cleaner and you haven't used Gold Rush, I suggest you give it a shot. I have recently puchased a new portable unit to help expand the scope of my business. I shopped around, but Jeff made an offer for me on an Eyre unit that I couldn't refuse, and I couldn't be happier with its performance to date. Always happy to give me advice whether I'm out on the job with a problem or even assisting me with procuring new contracts, Jeff has been absolutely instrumental in getting my business to where it is now. Without the help of Jeff and the rest of the friendly team at Whyte Specialised Equipment, I wouldn't be where I am today. If you are looking at starting your own carpet cleaning business, I strongly suggest you either pop in to the sales office at Ferntree Gully to say hello or give them a call.
Doug Macpherson
“We would like to thank the staff at Whyte Specialised Equipment for the excellent fitout of our second 570 Sapphire. Having received our residual payment as a trade, we will continue to turnover our machine every 3 to 4 years, keeping us in warranty and ensuring we are using the latest equipment.”
BKZ Cleaning
“Whyte Specialised Equipment demonstrate exceptional customer service, knowledge and professionalism.  We have been a regular and proud customer for many years and highly recommend their products and service. The team operating the workshop are reliable, trustworthy and efficient having rescued us many times in emergency situations.  They always deliver what they promise and exceed our expectations. They appreciate and value their customers! Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles https://www.crystalcleanmelbourne.net.au/
Serage Fikak
Peter Gill
“Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of dealing with the Whyte Specialised equipment team. Firstly, by the purchase and expert fit out of equipment, but what I would consider more important, being the service and support given to me since. For example, last week I had a very difficult tile job, seeking advice I spoke with Jeff. It was no surprise to me when Jeff joined me on the job to share his expertise, which got me through. I would recommend Whyte’s without any hesitation, professionalism and excellence in service that is not often found these days. Well done to all the Whyte’s team!!”
Allan Butcher
After upgrading from a portable carpet cleaning machine to a truck mounted unit and dealing with Jeff & Carolyn from Whyte Specialised Equipment, I have found them to be friendly and very helpful with all my carpet cleaning needs and they go above and beyond what other companies do as they go out of their way to ensure you are happy as well as guiding you in the right direction and that’s why I’ll be using them well into the future.
Jessica Johnson
“Buying the Sapphire Scientific 370ss is a decision I will never regret. The heat and suction for such a compact unit is hard to believe. Acquiring it through Whyte Specialised Equipment is also a plus. A couple minor bugs with the machine at the beginning were quickly and efficiently attended to by there more than capable service technician, Hughie and I’m sure the service will continue over time.”
Joe Vogler
“After talking to a few different suppliers I chose to use Whytes Specialised Equipment. I sat down with Jeff and worked out exactly what type of cleaning business I wanted to start and the equipment that would best suit me and my budget. Jeff, his wife Carolyn and all their team have been very helpful throughout the whole process and are always available to give help and advice even now. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to start a cleaning business, or even an established business looking to invest in the latest and best equipment should talk to Jeff and his team first because their experience and understanding has been invaluable to me”
Michael Cox
“We looked far and wide for a business partner to support us in our new venture. As it was a start up, we needed to ensure that we had people in our corner that could support and enable us in our efforts.”
Pierre R Liebenberg
“have now been associated with the Whytes Specialized team for 5 years, first purchasing a portable steam cleaning set up and now a truck mounted sapphire set up. The first words that come to mind when I think of Jeff , Luke , Carolyn , Gary and Huey are CUSTOMER SERVICE!!”
Wes Telford
“After communicating with other Commercial Cleaning businesses & Carpet Cleaners…. looking for a company had has good reputation, back up & service. The name that kept coming to the fore consistently, was Whyte Specialised Equipment.”
Paul McCann
As I decided to enter the carpet cleaning industry I was immediately impressed with Whyte Specialised Equipment. Starting a new business venture with trepidation was somewhat eased by the experts to whom I entrusted with the truck mount and training I received.”
Dhruv Vasudeva
“As has been the case with all my dealings with Whyte Specialized Equipment the trip was trouble free with Jeff facilitating the delivery of the new equipment and advising on some other equipment and chemicals that my company needed. The Whyte Specialized Equipment showroom has a large range of equipment and chemicals and with Jeff and Carolyn’s knowledge of the products they stock always proves a winner when I have to source chemicals or equipment.”
Lex Rogers.
“After finding Whyte’s online, Dale got in contact with us with the intention of joining the carpet cleaning industry. He says the independent and autonomous nature of the industry is what he found most appealing.”
Dale Perkins
“I have been dealing with Jeff Whyte for about 7 years, and for the last 3 years I have been exclusively using Whytes Specialised Equipment for chemicals and advice. I have found their service to be above and beyond expectations, wrapped up with honesty and integrity so when it came time to consider a new truckmount machine, my first call was to Jeff to discuss what options were available.”
Stuart Harding
“Being part of the Stain Busters’ nationwide franchise, we were originally put on to Whyte’s by one of our franchisees in Wagga Wagga. Jeff from Whyte’s gave us unsurpassed service, technical advice and the help that they gave us to do the installation ourselves was absolutely amazing.”
Don Hooper
“Following some bad experiences with suppliers in the past, we started dealing with Whyte’s about two years ago and during that time they have been brilliant. We did plenty of research before purchasing a new machine and it speaks for itself that we chose Whyte’s. As organised, we drove our van down to their factory and they had everything installed in a day.”
Matt & Kyle
“Following a fire in our van, we needed to replace most of our equipment. Whyte’s were there to help us with our insurance claim and they assisted with our stock inventory and pricing of our items. Carolyn was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with during this time.”
Nathan Harding
“With over 8 years of experience in the industry, when it came time to upgrade my equipment, I didn’t hesitate to call Whyte’s due to the fact that 6 or 7 other Stainbusters franchisees had already dealt with them.”
“I recently purchased a 570 Sapphire Scientific from Whyte Specialised Equipment and have been very happy with the machine. It has exceptional heat and great vacuum.”