Professionally formulated solvent based penetrating sealer providing exceptional protection for porcelain, low porosity tiles and fine stone. It is based on “ultra-small molecule structure” technology which enables it to penetrate into the fine pores of polished porcelain, dense granite and fine stone to create a high performance sub-surface barrier against water and oil borne contaminants.

  •  Provides premium protection for up to 5 years
  •  Independently performance tested by NATA approved stone laboratory.
  • Dual Protection - Diamond Seal SV provides protection against water and oil borne contaminants including:  
  •  Biological growth such as mould & mildew, efflorescence
  •  Food and beverage stains, oil & greasy stains
  •  Pollution and weathering
  • Retains Newness - Formula specifically designed for ultimate protection of granite, polished marble, polished porcelain and similar low porosity substrates.
  • Natural Look - Will not discolour or alter the natural look of recommended substrates.
  • UV Stable - Ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Vapour Permeable - Won't trap moisture. Does not hinder the naturall passage of water vapour.
  • Safe To Use - Diamond Seal SV has a very low VOC content making it pleasant to use.


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