Grime Off is a specialty formulation for the removal of lime scale and soap scum from marble, granite, fine stone and acid sensitive surfaces. This technology enables you to effectively remove mineral salts and alkaline soiling which normally requires acidic products, with a buffered detergent safe for use on sensitive surfaces. And it’s great for removing oily grime and soiling from all smooth surfaces in kitchens and washrooms.

  • The Right Chemistry – Grime Off provides outstanding removal of lime-scale build-ups, soap scum and efflorescence without the use of acids or low pH compounds which will dull or etch natural stone surfaces.
  • Cleaning Power – Grime Off removes stubborn stains, oil, grease, body fats and grime.
  • Ideal for Fine Stone – Specialty formulation will not scratch, etch or mark polished marble, granite or fine stone.
  • Versatile – Polishes and removes water spots, soap scum and grime from other smoothsurfaces such as chrome, enamel and glass.

Size: 500ml, 5Ltr,


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