Whytes’ Performance Plus brings together into one the impressive new developments in soil suspension technology with innovative anti-resoiling polymer technology and the formulary requirements for the safe cleaning of wool carpeting. The result is an outperforming prespray detergent which makes a reality the dream of having one product which incorporates all the ultimate design features looked for in a prespray detergent. In fact the design features of the Performance Plus exceeds your expectations.

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Size: 5kg

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  • Soil Suspension – based on new generation soil suspension technology, Performance Plus penetrates and breaks down more grime, oils and soils than ever before.
  • Polymer Anti-Resoiling Technology – Unique polymer technology dramatically enhances suspended soil removal whilst providing excellent anti-resoiling action.
  • Wool Friendly Action – Performance Plus exceeds the requirements for the safe cleaning of wool carpeting. It has been carefully engineered to maximise cleaning on both woollen and synthetic fibres, giving you total peace-of-mind.
  • 5th Generation Nylon – Is ideal and safe for use on 5th generation nylon fibres.
  • Safety First – Performance Plus has an ultra low VOC profile which means no unwanted, unpleasant vapours even when heated. This is complimented by it’s outstanding low toxicity and OH&S ratings.
  • A Pleasure to Use – Performance Plus has been designed for easy use through pump-up or hydroforce sprayers and fragrances the area with a fresh lemon scent.



How to Use

Always pretest in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.


Pump-up Sprayer

  • Add 15-30ml per litre of water (1:32 – 1:64) depending on soil conditions. For heavy soil conditions, up to 50ml per litre can be added without causing resoiling or damage to fibres.

Hydroforce High Pressure Model

  • 1:9 tip (Yellow): Add 750ml to 1.4Lt into 5Lt Hydroforce container and fill with water.
  • 1:32 tip (Brown): Dilute 1:1 with water or add directly into Hydroforce container.
  • Always prepare the carpet to be cleaned by thoroughly vacuuming the area.
  • Prespray the Performance Plus solution onto the carpet being cleaned. Do not allow to dry.
  • Agitate and allow 5 to15 minutes dwell time.
  • For synthetic carpets, extract using Emulsifier Plus or Extracta Pro. For wool carpets extract using Rinse Pro.
  • Assist drying with air movers or similar if atmospheric conditions are humid.

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