Platinum Seal SV provides premium “nano- molecule” protection to, natural fine stone, sandstone, pavers, bricks, porous tiles and grout.  It’s extremely small molecular structure enables it to rapidly penetrate into the fine pores of natural stone, clay and cementicous materials. It provides long lasting, high performance protection against water and oil based contaminants, efflorescence and spalling. 

  • Provides premium protection for up to 15 years.
  • Independently performance tested by NATA approved stone laboratory.
  • Precise Chemistry - Formulated using a precise blend of “nano – small particle” fluorochemical technology with specialist penetrating solvents to achieve a high level of penetration into small-pore, dense substrates.
  • Premium Protection - Provides premium protection against water and oil borne contaminants including; food and beverage stains, oil & greasy spills, biological growth such as mould & mildew, spalling, efflorescence, pollution and weathering.
  • Versatile Application - Solvent base chemistry provides premium protection to a wide range of substrates but with special distinction on natural stone surfaces, porous engineered stone and clay products.
  • Natural Look - Does not alter the natural look of fine stone nor change its surface texture, slip characteristics or colouring.
  • Surface Safe - Will not etch or cause discolouration of marble or fine stone.
  • Vapour Permeable - won’t trap moisture. Allows natural stone to “breathe”.
  • Safe to Use - Platinum Seal SV does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons and is not a suspected carcinogen.

Size: 500ml, 5Ltr, 15Ltr


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