Saniclean 10 is a chlorinated detergent with avast variety of applications. The high available chlorine content and excellent detergency gives this thickened product the ability to not only clean, whiten and kill bacteria, viruses and mould but stay on the job longer, especially on vertical surfaces. Its unique foaming ability makes it the product of choice when using foam generating equipment. Saniclean 10 has quickly become the benchmark performance when cleaning hard surfaces.

  • Quickly destroys and removes mould, mildew, germs and bacteria.
  • Powerful sanitizing stain remover and odour neutralizer.
  • Sani Chlor 10’s impressive foaming ability enables dramatically superior cleaning action on vertical surfaces and promotes economical usage.
  • Provides powerful removal of organic stains, mould stains and food spills from most tiles, stone and concrete surfaces.
  • Effectively deodorizes bins, drains, toilets, grease traps, etc.
  • AQIS approved formula – safe for use in food preparation areas.

Size: 5Ltr, 15Ltr


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