Torpedo is a new generation floor coatings stripper that is guaranteed to work quickly and effectively saving you time and money. Torpedo is probably the most advanced floor coatings stripper on the market today. Ultra-easy to rinse, minimal scrubbing, low toxicity, low VOC and non-butyl…This truly is a remarkable achievement in coatings removal technology. Safer, more powerful stripping solutions mean peace of mind for everybody. Torpedo is a liquid floor stripper for removal of coatings and polish build-up

  • Power-packed - Serious stripping action on solvent based coatings, burnish build-up and semi-permanent sealers.
  • Fresh Fragrance - Fresh citrus fragrance makes Torpedo pleasant to use.
  • Fast Action - Begins to liquefy coating immediately on contact with the surface.
  • Labour Saving - Minimal scrubbing is required ensuring that time and labour is minimized.
  • Versatile - Safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Low, Odour Low Foam - Perfectly suited to green cleaning programs
  • Free Rinsing - Exceptionally easy to rinse slurry and residues.
  • Considerations
  • It is advised that when using Torpedo, you should always neutralise with Neutro Blast or Pro Neutro after stripping is completed.

Size: 5Ltr, 15Ltr


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