State-Of-The-Art Nanotech "Micro-Robots" in Ultrapac Extreme bind and suspend soils for fast and efficeint removal.  A complex buffering system keeps the pH stable to maximise cleaning potential in all conditions.  Plus, its new Hydrocoating Technology means this new economical powdered product is fast disssolving even in cold water and is stable up to 212.F/100.C.  The RTU will not separate and can be stored for several weeks.

$79incl. GST

Size: 2.7kg

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  • Nano-technology outcleans other pre-sprays at an economical price
  • Hydrocoating Technology ensures fast and complete mixing - even in cold water - and won't separate or in harden your Hydro-Force or other pressure applicator!
  • RTU solution is perfectly clear and can be stored
  • Performance is unaffected by water hardness up to 24 grains
  • Stable up to boiling temperatures - use the hottest water from your truckmount to dissolve and apply the product



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