Latest heat exchange technology for amazing temperature consistency

Looking for the added performance available from a liquid-cooled power plant? The 570SS truckmount offers all the advantages of the Sapphire line – high performance, high heat, and durable build – plus advanced triple-source heat cogeneration to produce steady, powerful heat for fast, consistent cleaning

  • Clean carpet, hard surfaces, upholstery
  • Huge extraction capacity means fast water clean-up so you can restore water damaged sites quickly.
  • Liquid-cooled industrial engine is fully EPA-compliant


Power plant 31 HP Kubota 972 three-cylinder liquid cooled gasoline engine.
Vacuum pump Gardner Denver HeliFlow® 408 helical tri-lobe blower producing vacuum to 16 in. and flows up to 500 CFM.
Solution pump General HTS2016S producing up to 1500 PSI and 5.8 GPM at 1500 RPM.
Waste tank 90 gal. (340 l) TIG-welded 3/16 in. marine-grade aluminum. 75 gal. (283 l) at shutoff. OPTION: High capacity tank 120 gal. (454 l). 100 gal. (379 l) at shutoff.
Belt cooling 100 CFM through-frame air injection belt cooling
Console dimensions (W × H × D) 22 × 43 × 50 in. | 51 × 109 × 127 cm
Frame construction MIG-welded 1/8 in. × 2 in. powder-coated steel box tubing
Frame construction Powder-coated steel

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